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About Us
Earthscapes is a decade old landscape practice with offices in Ahmedabad & Mumbai. Our projects range from large master plans to small residences. Earthscapes works with all forms of clients from government to private to international clients, and is uniquely positioned to provide exposure to various vignettes of landscape from design to execution. 

Work Ethic
Earthscapes works out of two studios based in Ahmedabad & Mumbai. Our serious attitude to work is balanced with a light and happy work environment, that strives to improve overall quality of life. 


Our senior associates are closely associated with academics, that allows latest research to flow into the office work. Our senior associates also have a wide ranging experience as well as network with several international and Indian award winning practices as well as practitioners, that reflects in the quality of work as well as studio dialogue. 


You will experience working in an internationally styled open office with direct access to partners, instant discussions as well as team brainstorming sessions for all problems - design, technical as well as academic. Our studios are regularly visited by or shared by professionals from allied fields, which leads to a wider development and dialogue. 


We use latest technological aids to aid design as well as minimize laborious work. You will be exposed to deep usage of cutting edge three-dimensional design development technique as well as software assistance. Latest communication tools allow us to share knowledge seamlessly regardless of location.

We encourage individual as well as group research on professional topics that further the interests of the profession. Our team of associate mentors is available for discussions and inputs. 


Our alumni network is strong and has pan-India presence. We strive to stay in touch with all our past associates for a closely knit professional network.

Earthscapes does not undertake any architectural or interior design work. Please apply only if you are interested in landscape and its related fields.


Graduate Applicants

Minimum work commitment is as follows:

Bachelors in Architecture / Landscape / Urban Design

One calendar year for work experience certificate
Two calendar years for work experience certificate + personal recommendation letter


Masters in Architecture / Landscape / Urban Design

Two calendar years for work experience certificate

Three calendar years for work experience certificate + personal recommendation letter

Internship Applicants

Minimum work commitment is as follows:


120 working days


40 working days

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